Monday, March 2, 2009

Why the new blog???

Frankly, I'm a dating disaster and the stories that I have to tell are just too fucking funny to keep to myself.

I'll give you a quick low-down on my life as it currently stands:
*I'm an active blogger under my real name...but figured I'd better make this anonymous for every one's protection
*I currently call a smallish town in the Midwest home, but am thinking I'll eventually get the hell outta here.
*Will hopefully be divorced in the near future
* My first post-marriage sex adventure involved a guy who's penis was so small I couldn't feel ANY.THING.
*Next guy had one testicle - 'nough said.
*Currently at 6 months and counting of NO SEX! And it's driving me insane.

I think that covers the basics. I promise lots of funny, ridiculous, and embarrassing stories are to come.

Oh, and one last thing...if anyone finds out who I really am and tells my mom, I'll kill ya...seriously...I know people who know people ;-)


Hope said...

I am DYYYYING to know who you are.....

Welcome to the anonymous world... you'll love it! It's definitely more freeing.

High Heels & Mascara said...

Being anonymous is the best. It lets you vent and say whatever is on your mind without worrying is a friend (or your mom) is reading ;)

I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures!

Bird* said...

i have definitely experienced SMALL penis myself. WTF.

sounds like the girl needs some booty....