Monday, March 9, 2009

Interview me!

I'm sure most of you have seen this little game floating around on various blogs. I decided to play along. The fabulous JayCee Leigh from Carpools, Kiddos, and Cocktails just sent me my 5 questions.

1-- most adventurous or nontrad sexual activity

This is a tough one. I can't really think of any wild and crazy non-traditional sexual activities that I've had the pleasure of experiencing. Almost every sexual experience has been in my house/hotel/other non-exciting location and none have involved something that I'd consider wild & crazy.

I guess the most "crazy" thing I've done is to have sex a national park...on a park bench...when it wasn't exactly dark outside...and proceed to get caught by a park ranger.

2-- describe or take a pic of fave panties

I should add that what really makes these my favorite is the bra that matches. Sorry no pic of that!

3-- food in bed?

Love it [as long as I'm not the one washing the sheets ;-)]

4-- fave place to buy panties? Shoes? Clothes?

Well because I wear a fairly large bra size and I'm a freak about my bras & panties matching, most of mine have to be special ordered from Ann's Bra Shop and I'm a big fan of Freya's lingerie.

Most of my work clothes com from NY&Co. and almost all of my shoes are from Aldo.

5-- one night stand / drunken make out? And describe? :)
Are you asking if I'm a fan of one night stands/drunken make-outs??? If so, the answer is yes & no. I'm a believer that some of the best sex/make-outs are the non-emotional/no strings attached kind. But I do think that once you get into a committed relationship the sex can be incredible since you are both striving to please your partner on more than a strictly physical level.

And if you're asking what my favorite one night/make-out story is...stay tuned. That deserves a post of it's own!

If you want to play a comment with your e-mail addy (or shoot me an email at the address posted in my profile) and I'll send your questions right over!


Kali said...

Loved this interview!! I like this blog...


SonnyVsDan said...

hey dude, i'd love to do an interview. ;) i need some new ideas anyway.